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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 9, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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compared to steven's mansion. our slogan from anne in virginia, "fox & friends," reporting from the heart so the american people are not left in the dark. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- steve: we love the little rhymes that we can put in the beginning of our program. alisyn: they don't have to rhyme. brian: like the one we just read. steve: i think that was a hard rhyme. brian: you could call it impossible. 6:00 in the morning. it's here. senator baucus is making his own deadline. >> know you're sick of deadlines, you have your own deadline. you're back to school. summer is over. senator baucus has worked very hard during recess. he says, "i met with my gang of 6:00". you have until 10:00 a.m. eastern time today to change any of my new changes to the bill that i'm putting in front of the
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president. yes, from the senate finance committee. so if you have any improvements, any changes, things you don't like, speak up by 10:00. steve: there they are, the fang of six. these are three democrats and three republicans up in the u.s. senate. they're trying to get some republicans o onboard, the democrats are. let's take a look at the baucus plan so far. everybody's got to have health insurance. they've got to start buying it by 2013. alisyn: or you'll be fined. steve: uninsured will face fines. if you are a family, that could be $3,800. low-income earners will get tax credits, insurance companies taxed over plans over $8,000 or $21,000. brian: for example, steve, if you have cigna, you have to come up with that figure. they'll decide how much cigna pays in judging by how many constituents have signed up for it. i guess there's certain thresholds with these major company that they're going to
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have to pay almost a tax. they're not using the wrd tax. word tax. alisyn: here's what else is significant. no public option. now, remember. steve: that's the key right there. alisyn: this is the big sticking point. the liberals in congress say they will not vote for anything that doesn't have government-run, government-financed insurance. and the fiscal conservatives and the republicans say they will not vote for anything that does have this public option, government-run option. that's the sticking point. the baucus plan does not have the public option. it does have a system of non-profit co-op that would supposedly help keep prices down, compete with private insurance companies. it also is $900 billion over 10 years. that's a slight savings from $1 trillion. and it would pay for that by putting a 35% ex-ize tax on insurance companies. all the plans say there can no longer be any preexisting condition clauses. steve: it's all confusing.
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but so many on the left are just saying, wait a minute, these plans don't have a public option. yesterday nancy pelosi came out of a meeting. she and harry reid went into a meeting with the president and said, mr. president, we've got the votes. the big question is, which of the many plans do they have the votes for? all we know for sure, according to abc, their sources tell them that the president said, ok, hurry. you've got to hurry. let's get this through congress quickly. but the problem, brian, are the president's own members of his own party on the far left. if there's no public option, they don't want to vote for it. brian: here's what lynn woolsey a democrat out of california had to say. >> well, they're going to have to work that out because there's a lot more of us than there are of them. i don't think there is any compromise because 74% at least of the public want that choice of a public option. and we've already compromised.
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our compromise was letting go of the single payer system for our good, strong public option. alisyn: i'm not sure where she's getting her numbers. that 70% of america wants that. that's not what the gallup poll says this morning. they say they would tell their president not to vote for the current plan they heard of. steve: it's washington though. 70%, 37%, that comes up to 100%. brian: if you believe it yourself, it's even more. here's the other thing. the number two person in the house, denny hoyer, says i'm not even sure we need a public option, i would vote for it even if it's not included. then you have mike ross, who we heard a lot from, who before recess says, all right, i would vote for passage with the pub national public radio lick option. when he came back, he said i've listened to my constituents, i'm no longer go fog support it. so every time you see the democrat say the republicans have to do this, they say the problem is really not only the
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republicans from the democratic perspective. it is a lot of people in the house. what is senator joe lieberman going to do? what is senator snowe going to do? alisyn: i'll tell what you senator snowe suggests. this might be the grand compromise that solves this public option dispute. it's called the trigger. she has suggested a trigger. meaning that no public option to begin with but if the conditions worsen, if not everyone is insured, if the insurance companies don't reduce their rates, then there's a trigger option that kicks in when certain market conditions happen and then there's a public option. so everybody is now talking today. and you can listen to the president's speech tonight and see if he talks about this trigger option that might be the one thing that gets everybody to the same table. though some people say this is just a way to sneak the public option in anyway for people who don't want it. steve: you know how washington works. if there's a trigger option -- if the government is going to determine when it triggers which
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would create the public option where there would be a government-run health care system, don't you think -- some on the right are suggesting, well, it's just a trojan horse. they're going to vote for the trigger. next thing you know, oh, we didn't meet the quotas, didn't hit the numbers, now we have a public option. meanwhile, there are a number of people who are on the left and what they say is that this trigger thing would give the insurance companies another path so they don't like that. there are problems with all of them. and tonight it really is a make or break speech for the president it will be his 28th on the topic. brian: tell us what happens also because there's good news out of afghanistan. a reporter taken. we didn't even know he was missing. now he's out. alisyn: absolutely. a fox news alert. after four days of being held captive we're now learning that troops rescued a "new york times" reporter who was kidnapped in northern
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afghanistan. stephen ferrell, who is british, was abducted over the weekend along with his afghan interpreter. they were trying to visit the scene of a nato air strike. the fate of the interpreter is not yet known at this hour. we will keep you posted on this developing story. the u.n. says it found convincing evidence of fraud in the afghan presidential election and is now ordering recounts in three provinces. president hamid karzai currently has 54% of the vote, enough to avoid a runoff. meanwhile, general stanley mcchrystal banning the sale of alcohol at nato's headquarters in kabul. the order after the general had trouble getting in touch with some of his staff after friday's air strike. the t.s.a. is stepping up efforts to better protect the nation, they say. starting this week powder test kits will be shipped to airports across the country to better detect potential explosives. bags will still go through x-ray machines. if the machines see something fishy, officers will use the new kit to test the substance. pangz can still board planes
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with powders like baby formula, medicine, and makeup. well, the newest justice, sonya sotomayor, will participate in her first oral argument today. president obama was onhand to welcome her to the supreme court. the court meeting to consider whether an anti-hillary clinton film is subject to political campaign restrictions or whether it's protected by the first amendment. a brazen robbery of an a.t.m. machine at, of all places a hospital. the whole thing caught on camera. two thieves walked into a busy hospital in the suburbs of philadelphia and walked out with this a.t.n. machine -- a.t.m. machine that was holding as much as $96,000. the two men used a hand truck to roll the a.t.m. down a hallway and out the door. police say the two men clearly knew how to disable the a.t.m. alarm. this morning they are still on the loose. i'm going to go with inside job. steve: what's your copay on an
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a.t.m. carted out of a hospital? brian: if you didn't get your bid in time to buy the house from the madoffs -- turns out, necessities jail and was a -- he's in jail. time to take a tour of another apartment he has, maybe in florida, for example. there's bernie madoff. i don't know what his jail cell looks like, but i'd like to know what his palm beach house looks like. steve: congratulations. we have brand new video. the u.s. marshals have taken these pictures. it looks like the real estate channel. this is one of the place that obviously is going to be liquidated. take a look at how much can be yours if the price is right. here's a u.s. marshall talking about bernie's pad in palm beach. >> as you enter the madoff house, the first thing you'll notice is the long hallway leading to the back living room with the beautiful view of the intercoastal waterway. as you walk down the hallway, you'll see three ate rum courtyards with french doors off to either side. the office.
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and other bedrooms off to the right and left-hand side. brian: he's a wonderful host. fantastic. steve: u.s. marshals, you need work with robin leach. you need to get that "lifestyles of the rich & famous" music. brian: and take your wind breaker off. steve: that would seem something like like donald trump. alisyn: i wish we could see his yacht. brian: what if i don't want the mansion? do you have another option? alisyn: yes. you could live, i suppose, on the yacht. let's take a look at it. >> the madoff boat has plenty of room for your guests with three bedrooms two bathrooms. one of which have has its own shower. and then the forward bedroom has its own stand-alone shower. each bedroom has twin bunk beds in it. so this boat will accommodate at least six people, possibly more. brian: bernie madoff hopes he stands alone in the shower today. that's your choice. you have the montauk house, the florida house, or the yacht. do i have to make a decision now
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or can i wait until the end of the show? loin curtain one, two or three? brian: i would take the cat food behind -- i always chose the wrong curtain as a child. there you go. 10 minutes after the top of the hour. alison is in for gretchen today. doing a wonderful job. alisyn: coming up, president obama has 33 czars left in the white house. what do we know about these people? coming up, we'll debate if they're really just a shadow government, as some believe. steve: and sarah palin, she's back. writing in the "wall street journal" today. find out what she says. luci: i'm luci romberg. i'm a free runner... ...national champion gymnast... ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible.
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brian: at last count fox news has the number of czars in the obama administration at 33. we'll continue to monitor it throughout the show. these special advisors, as the president calls them, helps shape policy but they don't answer to congress. joining us to debate that, scott wheeler, coauthor of "shadow government." what barack obama doesn't want you to know about his czars ex-says this network of advisors helping the president carry a radical agenda. we're also joined by a democratic strategist. welcome to both of you. scott what do you mean shadow government? we've had czars before. what worries you? >> i think the number of czars, first of all. the fact that these people are out of reach of congressional oversight for the most part. i might add, too, it's quite instructive to see the obama administration's reaction to the van jones scandal. they act as though they don't know where americans were outraged by this. and the reason is, because van jones' views are their views.
6:16 am
they don't understand what the controversy is. but clearly, they kept jones off the congressional oversight because this would have been a disaster for them going through a senate confirmation hearing. brenda: is that true? you look at a guy like van jones and some others going under the microscope and they would not have passed the scrutiny of the senate? >> good morning, brian. brian: good morning. >> the reality is that it's not unusual for a new president to appoint individuals to have a major initiative. this isn't new to president obama's administration just like it wasn't new to president bush's administration. i think the american people would prefer to have experts who are absolutely accountable to the president and service the will of the president. but they are experts in these fields, and they are working on these issues. and we have serious issues to be working on. brian: would you also -- >> they prefer these experts to the cronyism we saw in the bush
6:17 am
administration. brian: we're not talking about george bush right now. let me just finish up. there are so many other positions open right now. but yet czars are being scrambled in. david gergen, hardly a right-winged zealot, says there's been 25 too many czars in the obama administration. that plays in the shadow government theme. doesn't it? >> i'm not sure what your definition of a shadow government is. the definition i learned in school is complete index than what is being up by the likes of scott. brian: thank you. scott, would you define the shadow government? >> it's people operating outside of the per view of public accountability through congress. >> they are accountable to president obama. >> excuse me. i didn't interrupt you. what is hilarious is her reference to coneyism and qualified people -- cronyism and qualified people. ron bloom isn't qualified fob an auto czar. ron stern isn't qualified fob a
6:18 am
climate star. these are unqualified radicals put in position outside of congressional oversight i might also point out that biden himself harshly objected whether bush wanted to appoint a czar and one of the reasons was they said it put the process further away from congressional oversight. so they knew what they were doing going into this. they've done this as an intentional maneuver. brian: jehmu? >> again, this is not new to president obama. i think we need to call this for what it is. scott, you're playing politics. i think by going after these experts and attacking people in the way that your organization has, you are really stopping the best and the brightest from considering going into public service. that's not something that we want i think the american people want to see our government moving forward with. brian: scott? >> jehmu do you believe that white people are poisoning the
6:19 am
water in minority communities? and do you believe that president bush knew about 9/11 before it happened? those are the views of van jones. >> first of all, that's a ludicrous question. i actually am offended that you would ask me that. van jones made the mistake. everyone makes mistakes. everyone makes mistakes. i think that he -- brian: thanks for the debate. heated and just getting started as is our show. straight ahead, when iranian leader mahmoud ahmadinejad speaks to the united nations, he'll be staying at a new york hotel. he can't sleep out in the tent. why one group claims that hotel would be accepting blood money. and can your dog do this? find out how this pup learned to play pool, coming up. when my wife started forgetting things...
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steve: a new york city hotel under fire for planning to host iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad during the u.n. general assembly later this month. influential security group called united against a nuclear iran sent this letter to the intercontinental the barclay hotel. alisyn: we're joined by the president of that group, ambassador mark wallace. nice to see you. >> thanks for having me on. steve: what a letter for a hotel. >> early in the morning, too. a strong letter. alisyn: how did you figure out that barclay was hosting president mahmoud ahmadinejad since they have not confirmed that? >> early in the summer we sent letters to all the major new york hotels and said, look, please don't host president
6:24 am
mahmoud ahmadinejad, it is a system of doing business with iran. we informally heard from other hotels that they are not hosting him. we also have some confidential sources, whistleblowers, if you will, that indicated that the intercontinental will host him so we feel pretty strongly that he's staying there. and the intercontinental refuses to deny it. i think you'll see him staying there. steve: i remember walking by it a couple of times when he was in there. it was hard to get within a couple of blocks of it. but part of the letter essentially says that by taking this money, intercontinental, you're taking blood money. >> when you look at the support for the nuclear program, you have a dictatorial bureaucracy. you have high oil prices but now low, providing the revenue. then you have western business that are effectively propping up that economy. now we have an example in our backyard, the intercontinental. those western business that operate in iran provide the last support of an economy that is
6:25 am
really in tatters in small part because of international sanctions already, but also the population. if we can change the behavior of some of those businesses, we can maybe alter the course of that regime's path to nuclear weapons and the examples in our backyard, just down the street. alisyn: has that landscape changed since the last time he did stay at that hotel? why now are you feeling more offense at this? >> look what happened since the last unga. there was an illegitimate election in iran, incredible violations of human rights in the country against minorities and people seeking dissent there. and now we know he's continuing and said he's going to continue to pursue nuclear weapons so when you have that, i think we have to pull out all the stops and say to every western business, now is not the time to put short-term economic gain ahead of national security, international security. steve: let me play devil's advocate. because in the last year the
6:26 am
tourism industry has absolutely cratered. that hotel has probably had trouble filling up the rooms. when he brings his delegation in there, he's going to actually bring some dough to new york tourism. i know you'd like him to stay at the iranian mission. >> or your house. steve: sorry. we can only handle about five dictators at a time. my family. but don't you -- can you understand why the hotel would want to fill up their rooms at this time? >> absolutely. we're not trying to give any legitimate business a hard time. we want businesses to succeed. we're awrair of what the -- aware of what the economy is about but at the end of the day putting national security, international security has to take president dent over short-term economic -- precedent over short-term economic gain. i think many of the intercontinental's customers will be offended that they chose to host president ahmadinejad and their delegation. i think it will end up hurting their business when people, supporter, your viewers, say its
6:27 am
a wrong decision. think that's a bad business decision by the intercontinental. alisyn: mark wallace, former u.s. ambassador, thanks. steve: brian, what's coming up? brian: thank you very much. every day we're going to have celebrities help us with the teaser. stand here next to me. ed begley jr. we're the same size. you're going to join us for the happy birthday wish. first, forget planes and government buildings. terrorists apparently targeting places with more people and less security. what you need to be aware of. and, former governor sarah palin of alaska says the president's health care proposals would give unelected officials life and death rationing powers. and that's not all. she's offering a different plan. ed, tell us whose happy birthday it is. >> adam sandler is 43 today. brian: has he asked you to be in any of his movie? >> not yet. brian: how dare he. call, adam. after this. as long as he cleans it up a little.
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haim. the owner taught it how to play pool so there would always be somebody to play with. brian: that is awesome. does he know to hit the cue ball? alisyn: of course. that's a major rule. steve: i'm surprised the dog doesn't jump up on the pool table and dig a hole in it to bury the cue ball. brian: that would be interesting. i can't get my dog to go after frisbee twice. the first time he loves it. the second time he's not into it. a one-hit wonder. like jerry rafftery, muse decision from the -- musician from the 1970's. sarah palin came out and is just talking about where we're at with this big debate on health care and reaffirmed her support that the claim of death panels is very much a reality. alisyn: yes. she uses that incendiary phrase again that she popularized, you'll recall. and she doesn't shy away from it. in fact, in the article she brings it up again. she says "dare i say the words death panels" because again she
6:33 am
says she's still worried about them. she doesn't think any of that has beenleared up. though on the other side it said these are end of life consultations, made doctors feel they're very important. she is still quite concerned about the health care reform plan. steve: absolutely. in fact, she looks at what has been proposed. i know there are a million plans floating around out there. but she writes in the "wall street journal" today about how the president has talked about this unelected, largely unaccountable group that would essentially decide who gets care. and she writes -- brian: here's something else that's important to bring up. th
6:34 am
brenda: she brings up the fact that barack obama was quoted as saying to "new york times" magazine about coming up with a nonpolitical panel to decide end-of-life benefits which she thinks goes to end-of-life rationing, could be a proposal for rationing medical care. i found it. she does say that -- she grants the fact that insurance companies have been unresponsive and unaccountable. she likens it to the way the federal government has been acting but does point out what mitch mcconnell has pointed out that maybe insurance companies could be reigned in a bit. steve: but the headline is the fact that she is not shying away from the term death panels. apparently she twittered it or facebooked it a plo or two ago -- month or two ago. and i know here shetion, dare i say death panels. when you look at the connection between death panels and end of
6:35 am
life advisory panels which they write about right here, then you look at one of the president's advisors who is the brother of rahm emmanuel, he's a bioethecist and oncologist a clinton health board member, harvard med grad. betsy mccoy also wrote in "the wall street journal" three, four weeks ago about how emmanuel would be the president's rationer in chief, a fellow who does not believe in the hip democratic oath. alisyn: but sarah palin starts the argument b saying, yes, health care reform is needed. she does think there does need to be some overhaul of this. she does think health care spending, if it continues at its current rates, will only expand our ever expanding deficit so she thinks something must be done, but she just thinks that big government and big spending is not the answer. brian: and mitch mcconnell went out of his way to point that out. they don't like the proposals out there on the table.
6:36 am
so to say they're the party of no is not correct. steve: so as sarah palin writes her big book, apparently she's taking a little time to sit by the typewriter. brian: now the headlines. alisyn: terrorists now aiming more than ever for hotels and other easy-to-hit soft targets. that's according to the global intelligence company. the report says terrorists are changing their focus to hotels because military and government facilities have beefed up their security. it also found that al qaeda is change from a centrally controlled organization to a collection of parochial franchises. brian: testimony frommore former players resumes in the trial of the first coach ever to be charged with a criminal offense in the death of his player. some players along with the father took the stand yesterday. the players testified that coach jason stinson denied them water on the hot august afternoon in question. this as max's father says he
6:37 am
heard the coach say the players would run until somebody quit the team. the coach says he was just trying to motivate his players because they were goofing around. if convicted, stinson faces up to 10 years in prison. steve: a bone fragment found at philip garrido's neab's house pears to be a human bone. garridos accused of holding her captive 18 years. investigators now sending the bone to a lab for more testing and try to prove a d.n.a -- develop a d.n.a. profile. officials have been looking for evidence to connect the garridos to other murders in the area. alisyn: anybody who's still using their control phones while driving. this is about time. the banning employees from texting and talking while behind the wheel. the ntsb calls the risk of doing that catastrophic. this as the board recommends the government ban the use of
6:38 am
wiless devices foroung drivers as well as bus and train operators. how about all drivers? steve: meanwhile, have you ever wondered what underwear fit for a queen would cost? these nickers once belonged to queen victoria. you're looking at her underwear or victoria's secret because -- [laughing] they were auctioned off in london. the top bid for the queen's underwear? $993. that's it. auctioneers say queen victoria's possessions are still very popular among royal collectors. alisyn: those are some big bloomers. steve: where do you hang them? alisyn: the clothesline. brian: and by the draw string it looks like. steve: they didn't have elastic back then. brian: more on elastic and how it came into fray. alisyn: fray! [laughing] steve: literally. brian: let's talk balls, tennis balls. two advance at the u.s. open
6:39 am
last night. let's go to queens to take a look at it. taking on rafael nadal. fourth set, match point. rafael and matos. nada wins. anthen after the match ends, a fan gets on the court and gives rafael a hug. and the defending champ faces kim cliefters in the semis next. a lawyer for former nevada casino worker who has accused quarterback ben roethlisberger of sexually assaulting her now says his client will drop her civil lawsuit if he acknowledges the rape and apologizes. the lawyer also wants the quarterback to donate $100,000 to a charity that supports abused women. roethlisberger's lawyers says they will not accept that offer. and michael vick speaking to a group of philadelphia high school students, warns against
6:40 am
the dangers of peer pressure, offers up himself as a cautionary tale of what can happen when someone is a follower instead of a leader. listen. >> times when you got to go either left or right. and i didn't choose to got right way. which led to 18 months of being in prison, which was the tougherrest time of my life. toughest time of my life. >> served prison time for running a dogfighting ring. will be allowed to play again seember 27. he's over at the eagles. they're hopeful he can contribute this year. alisyn: meanwhile, birds is what we're talking about, a billion of them caught on camera making their way to africa. tell bus this. -- us about this. >> hi, guys. they come from europe and asia. all of them coming to israel for one reason to migrate to africa. there are one billion birds that
6:41 am
come in and out of israel. last night these birds made a pitstop, if you will. that's what israel is for these birds. they came in last night. they ate something. and literally this morning they were off to africa. it will take them about seven to 10 days, bird experts here say, to make eir way to africa. by the time they're done at the end of winter, they come back to israel in the spring. bird experts here tell us they are in a hurry to head back home because it's nesting season. can you blame them? so they head back. then they're back in europe and asia for the rest of the year. back to you in new york. alisyn: cool pictures. steve: indd. politics and religion go hand in hand. one jewish author thinks he knows why jewish voters often side with the democrats. we're going to talk with him next. brian: and who's thinking about the med students? one doc in training tells us why she's scared reform will hurt her future. this is my small-business specialist, tara.
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alisyn: welcome back, everybody. 15 minutes before the hour. gadget lovers are eager for apple's big announcement today. the company is hosting a media event to likely launch some new products. a planned rock 'n' roll theme is leading some to speculate that the sneak peek will include ipods with cameras and a newer version of the music software itunes. steve jobs is rumored to be giving the keynote address. also available today, the beatles new video game, the beatles rock band. this will cost about $60. now to the dynamic duo. brian: she means us. steve: yes, robin. kiran: democrats have full control in washington. they owe it all to the jewish
6:46 am
vote. steve: historically the numbers are astounding. the jewish voters cast their ballots for the democratic candidate, whoever that is, 69% of the time. last year was no different. barack obama received 79% of the jewish vote compared to 21% for mccain so why are jews liberals? brian: in his brand new book, well-known author norman poanoretz says just that. welcome back to the couch. >> thanks for having me. brian: why do you think it's a story that liberals -- jews support liberals in this country? and are they doing themselves a good service by doing so? >> two good questions. by the way, it's 75% the average jewish vote for democratic candidates since 1928. only one democratic candidate for president failed to get a majority of the jewish vote. that was jimmy carter the second time he ran for re-election against reagan. the answer to your question, it
6:47 am
took me 100,000 words to answer it. i wrote this book because people have asked me that question a million times. why are the jews so stubbornly stuck with the democrats and the liberal agenda? and it is a long story. but to make a very long story short, the jewish voters got locked in to the democratic party as a result of -- well, you might say 2,000 years of experience. because in europe and then in america as well the force that say equal rights for jews tended to be on the left, near left, far left. and the forces that opposed equal rights for jews tended to be on the right so when jews got into politics, which didn't happen until the 18th century, there was nowhere to go but leftward. my argument is that in 1967 a bunch of things happened that led to a reversal of roles.
6:48 am
and where as the friends of the jews used to be on the left and enemies on the right, completely turned around now. i more or less advocate that jews stop aligning themselves to this, stop fighting the last war, and recognize who their friends are and who their enemies are today and join the side that's on their side, which is the conservative community. and especially the conservative christian community. steve: do you feel that jews have buyer's remorse when it comes -- the jewish people have buyer's remorse in this country that they did support barack obama? >> well, there are a few signs that they may be developing buyer's remorse. i'm hoping that that's the case. because it really is time for my fellow jews to open their eyes to the political realities of the present as against the experience of the past. ian: do you an unbelievable job going back through history,
6:49 am
time, and telling how we got here. but in today's age, was there a better president for the jewish community or friend to israel than george bush 43? and has there been one with lower ratings than barack obama? 6% inside israel approval rating for barack obama. >> certainly george w. bush was the best friend israel ever had in the white house. harry truman would be a rival because he recognized israel 11 minutes after it was founded. and in defiance of all of his advisors, virtually. barack obama has only a 4% approval rating in israel. but he still has a very high approval rating here with the jews. steve: norman has written a brand new book. it came out yesterday, "why are jews liberals." check it out. >> thanks. steve: straight ahead, we've heard from doctors, patients, parents, students, politicians on health care. but what about medical students?
6:50 am
w does the new crop of doctors feel about the proposed changes? we're going to talk to a future doctor who says she is scared for her future. brian: also ahead, secretary robert gibbs will be joining us. and dave ramsey will be telling us how much money i have in my wallet and how to put it in yours. look who else is son that list. bernie williams is here. he came by plane. steve: and next to him, you see that southwest plane. you're going to meet somebody who was told they were too fat to fly. that's straight ahead on "fox & friends." . how many washes did it take cheer brightclean to get this from dingy to bright? ten. seven. it's six.
6:51 am
why? why is... one... yeah! hundred. no. . u
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6:53 am
brian: he dreamed of becoming a doctor but the medical student you are about to meet is having second thoughts thanks to government-run health care possibilities. why? joining us is first year med
6:54 am
student annie. >> hi. brian: soon to be doctor, i hope hope? >> it's not to be turned off the of medicine. certainly not as worried about the health care plan as you would think i might be. i think what's most concerning to medical students is the possible pay hits that doctors could take from some of the reforms. and it's not that it's going to turn them away from medicine. i don't think anything could turn a doctor away. i think it's more than student's choice also be effected by the availability of high paying jobs. alisyn: meaning you won't be able to go into the specialties that you want to? >> i don't think pay difference is going to make a difference about which specialty students are going to go into, but it's certainly going to effect how students are going to be able to pay off their loans. for example, i think a student is going to have to ultimately choose maybe a higher paying specialty to pay off all these loans. alisyn: which is why so many people are going into plastic
6:55 am
surgery, for instance, instead of becoming a family physician. you just told us how much do you pay each year to go to med school? >> the private schools run about $50,000 a year. alisyn: incredible, so you will be $200,000 in debt when you graduate, at least? >> right. alisyn: aren't you worried about the medical system as the way it is? with your malpractice insurance, exponentially going up each year, doctors are dropping out already. >> i think medical malpractice insurance, i think that's probably the biggest reason that people will stay away from the really specific surgical specialties. brian: tell me what you are going to be listening for tonight in the president's speech. >> i'm going to be listening for how we are going to -- healthcare system because that's where the pay hits will come for doctors. the biggest concerns doctors have move for fee for service and salary doctors. salary doctors make less than doctors paid per service. alisyn: when you say you will be
6:56 am
taking pay hits. what do you mean? explain that to us. >> most hospitals, health care systems, doctors are paid per service. for example, an orthopedic surgeon might be paid a certain amount of money for an operation or a heart doctor might be paid a certain amount of money for a test. under certain plans and certain suggestions have been made that we should move more to a system in which doctors are paid a flat salary. brian: she a medical student and we hope to say doctor. thank you for joining us today and telling us your personal story. now back to school. >> yeah, absolutely. brian: four minutes before the top of the hour. the day after the president's speech to school children, parents who kept their kids home being called quote not smart enough to raise them effectively. we will tell you who said that. alisyn: trigger option for health care. what does that mean? is it just a trojan horse. we will ask press secretary robert gibbs live next hour. the nutrition they need to keep their bodies strong.
6:57 am
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alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, september 9th. 9/9/09. here is what is happening right now. president obama giving his big health care speech tonight. robert gibbs will talk to us live soon. can he explain what the trigger option is? brian: the day after the president's speech to school kids. parents who kept their kids home being called, quote, not smart enough to raise them effectively. we will tell you who said that and why. steve? steve: she is a curvy model who is proud of how she looks but she didn't always love her body and her image struggled almost killed her. crystal ren is here with her story this hour. meanwhile our slogan this hour comes from joshua rio. "fox & friends," the chuck norris morning of morning shows. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute
7:01 am
alisyn: thanks for joining us with health care today. various deadlines. one happening three hours from now. that's when the gang of six has to come up with their plan to present to the president. we will see if it is in his speech tonight. meantime, take the pulse of how the country feels i had hour. brian: the numbers have been hurt pretty much by the debate. the gallup poll is still doing the polling. they say people who are voting for the bill, that's 37% of america are for the bill. those who want-their representatives to vote against the bill. that's 39%. steve: so four in ten of you say if i called up my member of congress, i would say vote against it. and less than that say vote for it. when you do that kind of math and then you look at harry reid yesterday. all right. he has got different numbers, he
7:02 am
does, in the senate. listen to harry reid the senate majority leader yesterday. >> in our conversations today, we think we're up to 90% of things that are agreed upon. we have 10% that we need to work on and we can do that. alisyn: we're up to 90% of agreed upon. that's optimistic. he is not just talking about the country. in there inside the cloistered halls of congress they're 90% in agreement. we have not heard that from anybody else. in fact, the gang of six, the one bipartisan group in the senate finance committee says they don't know if they will be able to in the next three hours come up with compromise plan they could present to the president. steve: maybe what harry reid says we have 90% of democrats on board, which is extraordinary. you would think they would have 100% of democrats on board. brian: it isn't accurate. steve: there is that public option. the government-run health care thing. so many liberals, ultra liberals and people to the left of center say if it's not in there, i
7:03 am
can't vote for it i would rather vote for nothing than that. brian: let's put a face on it. john conyers i have to have public option or i am not voting for it. steny hoyer, majority leader says it doesn't have to be in there. steve: which is weird when you think that nancy pelosi his boss says it's a central part. brian: steny hoyer had an intelligent town hall. he was actually listening. 23 house democrats will vote no at this hour. if they get up to 3 and the republicans hold theirs and they all vote no across the line which the word is they will in the house, they are not going to get the votes. alisyn: part of it is they went home for summer recess and some had town hall meetings and heard from the republic. reflected these numbers at least a third don't want their representative to vote for this. it's interesting, also, that 24 % to 29% say that they don't know what they would do because people can't really understand the bill. and that is what the president
7:04 am
is tasked with tonight, is explaining it to those undecided people who have no idea what their representative would be voting for. steve: also, it was probably bad news for the president of the united states, has a picture of several dozen protesters outside the white house yesterday holding up big signs. the extraordinary things about these protesters are the fact that they worked for barack obama's campaign. look at that. campaign supporters right there. a couple dozen of them demanding the public option. they threatened to work against barack obama in 2012 if he does not support a public option. otherwise, they are going to support another candidate in the democratic primary. wow. alisyn: he is getting it from all sides. brian: you brought up, alisyn, that the gang of six. part of the gang of six is senator olympia snow of maine. bachus wrote this up. he gave in to search demands.
7:05 am
said you have until 10:00 to answer meow olympia snow says i'm not going to answer you first. i'm going to listen to the president's speech first. without getting into the nuts and bolts of what the insurance industry does, if the private insurance industry doesn't hit certain thresh holds in certain times, whether it's access or affordability, then there will be an automatic public option presented. so this way no one will say i signed it they will say you caused it, private insurance. and could this be inevitable? could this be just a delay of game to give you the public option? alisyn: that's what critics say. they say this government-run, government-funded option is going to happen. if there is a trigger option, they will find a way to build it into the system whereby it might not be next week or next month. at some point the public option, the government-run option will happen that way. that way it's a trojan horse. some think that the trigger option is the only way they will be able to compromise today.
7:06 am
steve: maybe. but with this trigger option, if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck. alisyn: don't you mean a horse? steve: trojan horse. brian: horses don't quack. steve: some people who don't like the reformulation of health care say that the trigger option is essentially the public option. and as soon as this trigger is passed, suddenly employers and everybody else, who were thinking, ok, public option, i would go -- government run option i would go with that, so much cheaper, suddenly they are going to be going we gotcha trigger thing. that means the government option is going to happen. so i might as well bail on this system now. brian: press secretary robert gibbs will be here to expand and preview what the president is going to say at 9:00 eastern time. now it's time to. alisyn: we do have headlines and we start with a fox news alert. after four days being held
7:07 am
captive, a reporter for the "new york times" has been freed. steven farrell, how see there was kidnapped in northern afghanistan while attempting to visit the scene of a nato air strike. the raid comes with a price. his afghan interpreter a british soldier and civilian were killed during his rescue. ferrell said he was freed but interpreter shot dead while he tried to run to safety. a special memorial service for legendary anchorman walter chron cite this morning. hundreds will gather at the lincoln center in a few hours to pay tribute. president obama and former president -- cronkite died in july. he was 92 years old. former illinois governor blagojevich may try to -- he claims secrets made on wiretaps
7:08 am
taken out of context. he also expects to be cleared of the charges that he tried to sell or trade obama's former senate seat for campaign money. the seven astronauts aboard shuttle discovery have undocked from the international space station and are setting their sights on landing at kennedy space center in florida tomorrow. this as nasa tracks another threatening piece of space junk near the shuttle but officials say they don't think the astronauts will have to change course. six states reporting widespread cases of the swine flu. and now the cdc says college campuses are likely to be hit hardest. health officials at washington state university where 2,000 people have gotten sick say the number of suspected cases seems to be slowing down. outbreaks are creating high demand for antiviral medicines like tam flue flu and are a -- ralenza. churches nationwide are also
7:09 am
bracing for cases of swine flu. one catholic parish in cincinnati are banning hand shakes. other congregations are considering similar measures. those are your evidence lines. let's go over to steve. steve: thanks very much. did coverage of the president's speech to school kids cross the line in the mainstream media? cnbc correspondent john harwood took a jab at parents who decided to pull their kids out of class for the president's presentation. listen to this. >> and so far as i can tell, the biggest danger to kids in this whole thing is that a lot of the parents complaining aren't smart enough to raise them very effectively. steve: really? fox news contributor tucker carlson joins us now from washington, d.c. tucker, so you got this cnbc guy who says parents who pull their kids out are not smart enough to raise them effectively. what he is discounting is that the white house handled this badly in the beginning when the department of education sent out
7:10 am
printed materials asking teachers to ask the opportunities, you know, what can i do for president obama? so, i see why there is some problem there. >> you think? i mean, the message that any parent who is worried about his children being politicized which is an entirely fair concern which is somehow stupid or bad parent or dissent of any kind is wrong and you are unfit to raise children if you somehow disagree from prevailing wisdom. that's not a fair criticism. that's over the top. by the way, it's not just the president's speech that concerns parents. it's the aftermath. most teachers are liberal and unionized and obama voters. they're there are discussions in every classroom in the country about this speech after the speech. parents are concerned that those discussion also turn into, in effect, brainwashing sessions. i think they have every reason to be concerned. why wouldn't they be concerned? every parent would be. steve: and can i understand that given the evidence when my kids come home from school to talk
7:11 am
about what their teachers have told them during history classes and political discussions. i mean, after a class watches the president yesterday and then these members of the nea, which as you pointed out are big supporters of barack obama and the democrat party. >> overwhelmingly. steve: they suddenly ad-lib, great speech. he is a fantastic president. i don't know what was said across america, but i do understand why people would be worried, if not about the materials from the department of education from the ad-libber, teachers who were essentially going off some of the material that were given to them earlier. >> of course. these are government schools. this is a captive audience. i don't care who is president. i don't care if it's a president i love and voted for. we should be really on guard against vigilant against schools being used as a way to deliver propaganda to children. let's just keep politics away from kids. they can't vote. these are issues that are really
7:12 am
too complex for most kids to be worried about. let's not impose our politics on children. can we agree on that? i don't think it makes you a bad parent to take that position. i say that as the father of four children. i don't politicize my kids and i don't want teachers doing it if you think teachers are doing it, call the pta. don't sit back. that would be my advice to parents. if you think your teacher was lecturing on the glory of barack obama or pushing politics on your kid, call the pta. steve: first, talk to your kid, interview them a little bit and find out what was said. >> of course. steve: probably nothing was said. >> that's right. steve: in which case, you know, the point is moot. >> but it's your right to know, i think. steve: exactly right. tucker carlson, farmer of four, thank you for joining us live today from the bureau. >> thanks, steve. steve: the president stuck between the government-run option and a hard place. both sides saying they will walk away if they don't get what they want. can he reach a health care compromise? our political panel of actor ed
7:13 am
begley jr. screen right. former labor secretary linda chavez. she was a nominee. and 2008 vice presidential nominee wane alan root on their way to debate it all and linda leads the way. school bus ends up in somebody's living room. how a wrong turn ruined everybody's morning. r) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo! (announcer) benadryl is more effective than claritin at relieving your worst symptoms. and works when you need it most. benadryl. you can't pause life.
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alisyn: president obama will be addressing a joint session of congress tonight as health care comes down to the wire. the gang of six senators have only until 10:00 this morning to come up with a bipartisan plan. but republicans are refusing a government-run or public option while liberal democrats say it's essential to reform. is compromise possible here? let's ask our panel. on our panel this morning,
7:17 am
actor, environmental activist and author of ed beg gli, columnist and former labor secretary linda chavez and 2008 vice presidential nominee for the libertarian party wane wayne alan root. good morning to you. sticking point is this government-run option. you like the public option. you think any plan without it should fail, why the? >> medicare is a public option it only has 4% administration cost. 12 to 15 members private insurance. you are saving money there. i don't think a wealthy country like, this industrialized country can leave 47 million people out of the system. need to provide health care for all. alisyn: echoes the thoughts of many liberal democrats. do you think he will be bold and insist on the public option tonight or be more conciliatory and perhaps suggest a trigger? >> i think if he wants to get a plan passed he is going to have
7:18 am
to forget that public option as a mandatory provision. ed may like it but the american people don't. and that's the problem. this administration is ignoring the polls. they are ignoring what everyone is telling them, which is americans are more or less happy with what they have. we need to fix the problem for the people who don't have insurance. not change the rest of it for all rest of us. alisyn: wayne, you say your biggest fear is that they will compromise. why is that a problem? >> sitting with a liberal, sitting with a moderate republican and i'm the conservative libertarian. i have got to till government fails everything they do. when the liberals get together with the moderate republicans and compromise they produce the worse miss matches. i wrote a book called the conscience of a libertarian. it's about all the failures of government. while i'm here i saw the biggest one. if you can't run gambling and make a profit you are the biggest idiot in the world. they owe $500 million in unfunded liabilities.
7:19 am
listen to this one for the pensions and health care of the 40,000 people that work for otb. do you know what that proves? if you gave free health care to everybody, you bankrupt this country times a thousand. >> i just want to say first time i have ever been called a moderate republican. i'm a reagan republican. i think most people will tell you i'm to the right of a till of the hun. i'm not suggesting that we need to have the kind of program that president obama is suggesting. i think the republicans would be better off sticking to their guns and fixing the 47 million. let's get a way to fix insurance for the people that don't have it don't mess up the insurance program the rest of us have. alisyn: ed, what about the theory if there is a public option if there is a public option it will scuttle the whole deal. >> no, it won't. if there is no public option, i think it should be scuttled, this bill. i don't think it's going to hurt people. people who have insurance now and they have a plan they like. they get to keep it people who don't like it get to have coverage finally. i think that's what we need.
7:20 am
we need to have coverage for people who don't have it. >> what's the rush. my question is why do you have to have a deal by today. who has read the bill? no one. who knows what's really in it, no one. there should be a new rule all politicians should be limited to two terms. one term in office. one term in prison. alisyn: stick around, guys. we have much more to talk to you about. our political panel takes on all the president's czars. van jones may be gone. there are still 33 czars in power who have gone through no confirmation process. is this a shadow government or are these people really the best for the job. also ahead on "fox & friends," guest list, press secretary robert gibbs. money master dave ramsey and a model who nearly killed herself to become skinny wants to share some life saving advice for all of us. next hour a man who was told he was too fat to fly after he already flew one way. next hour yankee great bernie williams is here with his guitar. we have a lot coming up, guys. stick around. you like your health coverage, but worry what happens...
7:21 am
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alisyn: you know the president's green jobs czar van jones resigned in the wake of some of his controversial comments and radical views. enough to many wondering if he was ever properly vetted. he didn't have to go through a senate confirmation hearing as czars don't but should he have had to. should all the president's czars go through a confirmation process? we are back with our political panel, linda chavez. ed beg gli jr. and wayne root. is it time for a confirmation process of czars? they never had it that's not what president bush did either. >> who came up with the name czar. are we surfs? are we all the surfs and they are unaccountable and unelectable. they are running the economy. how many have ever run a job or business. you heard the czar obama
7:25 am
appointed to run the car industry say i have never run a business. you have got to learn how to run do something before you can run it you put people in place who don't know anything about creating a job. >> does this whole van jones thing show there has been a lapse of the vetting process of some kind. >> absolutely. probably the only person here who has had three full field investigations by the fbi. >> we trust you. >> it's absolutely important to do. those questionnaires, they're unpleasant to have to fill out. have you ever done anything or said anything that might embarrass the president? that's an elmembarrassing questn to have to ask. we need that to be able to have confidence. what they have done really is to defy the constitution. the president is allowed appoint people in policy making positions with the advice and the consent of the senate. and he has avoided that he has put people into very powerful positions. they haven't gone through investigations and they haven't been subject to the constitutional provisions. >> don't you think purposely?
7:26 am
i think so. i think van jones had the same views as president obama and his wife and that's why we got van jones. radical leftist views. alisyn: ed, one of the things that came out after van jones was a czar was that he had signed a document from the 9/11 group saying that 9/11 was basically an inside job with the white house's knowledge. you have some experience with that group. what are they all about? >> i would love to know what the position said -- petition said that he signed. i was lured in by the hat crowd at the 9/11 truth movement because there were lies told about 9/11 about air quality. democrat, republican alike said oh, it's fine, we can get back to wall street and everything is fine. there was a lot of toxic. i was wondering what happened to the led, asbestos. very toxic stuff. people should have been wearing respirators around there. alisyn: you agreed to do something with that organization what happened? >> they signed a video.
7:27 am
i'm guilty as charged as moderating the panel. when i started to hear stuff about remote control planes flying into building and people. that makes sense didn't bother to like put some weapons of mass destruction off the c-17 plane. it doesn't track. you know. it's just crazy talk. but i don't think van believes that people set bombs in the buildings at the world trade center. i would love to know what he signed. >> what van does believe he admitted, to my knowledge, allegedly he admitted to being a communist in the 1990s. made completely racist statements white people polluted and white people cause mass murder. completely racist statement. alisyn: all of this again could have been out had there been a vetting pro process. >> not the van jones i know. i have never heard him make divisive remarks. it's not him. i noe this guy. he has created green jobs. been involved in hiring a lot of people. >> watch fox news more because the videos is there and he has said a lot of crazy things.
7:28 am
alisyn: it's on youtube as well. thanks for coming in for debating all of this. thank you for the discussions. >> thank you. alisyn: bo over to steve and. brian: brian i don't know but, steve, i really enjoyed that. steve: that was fantastic. swimming ban at one of america's great beaches because of great white sharks. that's right. the unusual place they are being spotted, straight ahead. brian: then the trigger option. we could hear more about that during the president's big speech tonight. that health care speech. you know what i'm talking about. we will ask white house press secretary robert gibbs that question and a few more. and then listen to what he has to say. steve: fantastic. ♪ luke: moving my mind and my hands at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) (announcer) what are you going to miss when you have an allergy attack? achoo!
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brian: welcome back, everybody. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. get right to your headlines. the tea party express makes stops in canton, ohio. of course in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. that will be today. it's travelling from michigan where nearly 5,000 people gathered to protest government spending over in brighton. joe the plumber says he doesn't think the president should be pushing his initiative. >> he is president. stop campaigning. let the congress do their job. let them listen to their constituents. the town halls so on and so forth and let us make the decision. brian: full-time stop for the tea party express washington, d.c. saturday. alisyn: after much speculation on capitol hill, senator chris dodd will not replace his friend
7:33 am
the late senator ted kennedy as chair of the health, education, labor and pensions committee. stepping into the role senator tom harken from iowa. a fierce proponent of the public option. in the race to fill kennedy's senate seat, representative michael capuano took out papers. he will mirror kennedy's positions. steve: meanwhile, an update about a story four women charged with krazy gluing a man who they were all dating at the same time. a little punishment. wisconsin judge ruling there is enough evidence to try the women in a court of law. the women, one of them, the guy's wife, are accused of tying him up in a motel room and torturing him with glue for about 30 minutes. alisyn: this story is making you nervous. i can see that. steve: it's a crazy story. brian: bus driver fired after crashing into a house, for example this house. take a look at this video. 16 students expected to arrived
7:34 am
at their high school in texas found themselves in someone's living room. no students seriously hurt but the driver did receive minor injuries. she claimed she was turning left when the bus accelerated or stuck sending the bus straight into the house. alisyn? alisyn: more great white shark sightings off the coast of cape cod stemming swimming bands. a total of 12 great whites have been seen cruising the shallow massachusetts waters. >> sharks in one area, it's never happened on the east coast before. alisyn: the help of local fisherman, scientists have tagged five of the sharks. the sharks are not rare in the area but great whites are extremely unusual. it's too cold to swim in that water anyway. steve: thunderstorms moving through the central missouri valley to the south of kansas
7:35 am
city down through the impoor i can't area as well. down in dixie land. shower activity off the coast of texas and also florida as well. balance of the country is nice and dry right now meanwhile temperaturewise. go outside and, for instance, if you are in cleveland right now, your temperature 66. same as chicago. about the same for kansas city. 60's and 70's across much of the map. later on today it's going to warm up. currently 81 in phoenix. 20 degrees on top of that 101. meanwhile 71 the high out at laguardia airport in new york city. brian? brian: meanwhile the nation's capitol is one of the best metro areas to attend college according to a new report. washington ranked fourth on the american institute for economic research list of the 75 best places in the country to study. factors include academic environment and professional opportunities arch ever after graduation.
7:36 am
taking the top spot new york, followed by san francisco and boston. seattle is fifth. we will count again next year. so don't be sad. steve: don't be. meanwhile tonight at :00, you will see it right here on the fox news channel. the president of the united states is going to make appear before a joint session of congress to talk about health care and how it needs to be fixed in this particular country that we are all living. in it is his 2 th major address regarding health care. in the meantime that's going to be tonight at 9:00. at 10:00 a.m., max bachus, a senator in the u.s. senate, has got a deadline for his gang of six. come up with those ideas or else we don't know what's going to happen. brian: or forever hold your peace. he said his plans he has been working on for past 40 days hatched during the recess. like car insurance everyone must have health insurance or face fines from 750 to $50. alisyn: up to 3800 for families.
7:37 am
brian: 1500 to $3,800 true as well. you earn below. alisyn: insurance taxed for plans meaning that some the insurance companies would have to pay an excise tax. and, let's see what else. insurance companies would pay an annual fee. basically here is the gist. there is no public option. there is no government-run, government-funded option in this bipartisan plan from the senate finance committee headed by max bachus. that's the headline here. they say they are going to present their plan to the president. they hope that he incorporates it into his plan and his speech. but they only have until 10:00 this morning. that's the arbitrary, basically deadline that max bachus has set. we don't know if that's going to happen. steve: we don't know a lot of what the president is going to say right tonight at his address at 8:00. however, white house press secretary robert gibbs knows. and he joins us right now from
7:38 am
the north lawn of the white house. good morning to you, robert. >> good morning, guys. how are you? steve: doing ok. so i know you don't want to spill the beans too much, but what you can tell us with about what the president is going to say tonight. >> the president will lay clearly out what's in this plan, what he is proposing for health care reform. i think i will leave people with two big impressions. one, if you are fortunate enough to have health insurance, like i'm sure you guys do but many people are struggling with the high cost of insurance, how do these reforms provide them security and stability in a changing marketplace? and for those that are not fortunate enough to have health care and have to go to the emergency room for health care and give us the bill, he is going to outline a way to provide affordable, accessible insurance for those folks as well. alisyn: robert, it seems as though the president is in a bit of a pickle. if he supports the public option, the government run plan, he loses the support of republicans and even blue dog democrats.
7:39 am
if he loses the public option, he then loses the support of liberal democrats. so what is he going to do? >> well, look. what i think you will hear him talk about tonight is the valuable tool that a public option provides in the private insurance and small group market. keep in mind, i know you guys probably don't tell your viewers this enough, for 180 million people who get their insurance through their employer, the public option isn't going to impact them. if you are on head care or medicaid or get your health care through the v.a., the public option doesn't impact you. it's just for people on private insurance, individual, small group marketplace that's going to get the additional opportunity through competition to compare one insurance company versus another in providing that choice to cover their families and cover their small businesses. alisyn: critics do say that the public option would then force some employers to just use the public option because, if it is that much more affordable, it will put private insurers out of
7:40 am
business. >> well, no, no. first of all, as we have stated this entire time, this is not going to be something that runs unnecessarily on big government subsidies. they have to operate with the premiums they collect. but they probably will be somewhat more efficient in this way. they are not going to have bean counter after bean counter cherry pick among us provide insurance. when you do that through that type of natural selection, what you are doing is creating a market for unhealthy -- for people that are sick not to be able to get insurance. that doesn't help the system. brian: robert, how much does the president regret licensing out this whole plan to nancy pelosi and the whole option out to nancy pelosi and harry reid why isn't this the president's plan and congress respond instead of the president responding to
7:41 am
congress's plan? >> look, this has been tried a couple of different ways. 15 or 16 years ago, an administration put out a plan first. and went to congress with that. rather than doing it the way we did it. the health care reform is now through four of the five committees in congress. and we're closer than ever before to getting health care reform passed into law. and helping the american people. i am not going to second-guess in any way the way we have done this because, again, we are closer than we have ever been before. brian: there is a poll out from the gallup people that have been doing it for a while, say that more people want their representatives, 39% want their representatives want them to vote for it how could you say you are winning? >> because, again, we're closer to getting this donathan we ever have been before. that's the reality. the president isn't governing by gallup polls. if we were governing by gallup, we would have done a lot of things differently. we wouldn't have a domestic auto industry and there wouldn't be
7:42 am
many banks in this country lending small businesses money to be able to make their payroll each day. brian: is it wrong for the president to listen to his representatives and for the representatives to listen to their people that put them in office. >> no, no. absolutely not. i think if representatives and senators and the president listen to the american people, what they are telling them quite clearly is that we have to do something about health care. we have talked about this for decades. and during those decades, we have watched premiums double time after time after time. even for those that are fortunate enough to have health insurance. one quick thing, i do hope that the viewers at fox will find a way to watch this speech tonight. i know that the network instead of dealing with the reality of millions of people on health insurance reform have decided to show a reality show called something like so you think you can dance. alisyn: but they can watch it right here on the fox news channel. we will be covering it in its entirety. >> i do hope people will check in to the reality of what's
7:43 am
going on in america rather than the distraction of a reality tv show. steve: of course fox owns a broadcast network. they own a news channel and it will, of course, robert be right here on the fox news channel. robert, why, you know, brian just cited the gallup poll. why do you think the president's poll numbers are going down? >> well, look, i think the president is trying to do a lot of the difficult things. i think the president is dealing with an economy that continues to struggle. i think the president is having to make a lot of important decisions about foreign policy. but, look, again, if the president were to gorve by gallup, then obviously we would be making a lot of different decisions, not at all of which are in the best interest of our economic well-being or our national security but that's what leadership is all about. it's making tough decisions. steve: robert, wouldn't you say if the president didn't govern by gallup he would go for a public option because that's something that he has felt in the past and said is very
7:44 am
important and is essential. there are a lot of congressional democrats who really want that. so if he wasn't going to look at the polls and forget about the poll we just cited. why wouldn't he go for that? >> right. but i think if you look at the polls, you will see that the public option is quite popular. because people like my friend in alabama, who have to go into a private insurance market when they start a small business, and realize that only -- there is 90% of the state is controlled by exactly one health insurance company. choice and competition. guys, you started a cable news network because you thought there wasn't enough choice and competition for viewers out there. that's the same type of choice and competition that the president wants to put in the health insurance market so people like my friend can start a small business without the fear of not being able to provide health insurance for their family. alisyn: robert, will you explain to us what the trigger plan is and if we're going to hear about that tonight from the president? >> well, as i understand the
7:45 am
trigger that's being proposed on capitol hill is, that if certain reforms aren't met in a region of the country, if a region of the country is dominated as i said like alabama is by one health insurance provider, if there aren't enough options for people in that region, that that would trigger a public option. that's one of the ideas that's been discussed up on capitol hill. and i anticipate the president will discuss pretty robustly the public option tonight. brian: robert, you have a lot opt table. but i also read that minority leader mitch mcconnell, senator, says, you know what? we agree the status quo is not acceptable. we just don't like the plans that we have seen. we have got to talk about cost and we have got to talk about access. if you have a minority party that says i agree things have to be changed, do you regret not inviting that minority party in and say let's get this together like george bush did with ted kennedy like bill bradley did with ronald reagan when it came to tax reform? >> no. look, you guys just talked about
7:46 am
the president's proposing and congress disposing or what have you. look, the republican party and mitch mcconnell are free at any time to offer their ideas. we hope they will. the president has talked with democrats and republicans this week on how we get health care reform done. but, i would tell this to mitch mcconnell. you have heard your constituents to say it's time to do something about health care reform. brian: three things he con tantly brings up tort reform. >> come on in the water is fine. brian: how about. this all you have to do is pick up a paper or watch our network or any network and you can hear the republicans talk about tort reform they want brought into the fray. insurance companies compete across state lines. they want to have different elements in terms of health savings accounts brought. in why not bring some of that in? >> well, look, the president will talk about meaningful malpractice reform tonight. what i hope that does is cause republicans to understand that we're close to getting something truly significant done for the
7:47 am
american people. truly significant for those that are struggle glick with the high cost of health insurance. people like my friend who have delayed for years starting their own business because they were worried about how are they going to get insurance to cover their family while they try to run after the american dream of working for themselves. you are going to hear a lot of ideas that republicans have talked about tonight. the president will talk about them. what we hope that causes republicans to do is stop protesting and come on in. work with us on reform. get something done. brian: your problem has been with democrats not the republicans. don't you agree with that? >> no. again, if mitch mcconnell has got solutions and wants to see things in health care reform. come down to the white house and let's get this thing solved. we can do this, guys. steve: ok. robert gibbs, joining us from the north lawn of the white house. thank you very much, robert. alisyn: thank you. and tror watch fox news channel tonight starting at 8:00 for our, of course, around the clock coverage of the president's speech on health care.
7:48 am
steve: all right. it is now 13 minutes before the top of the hour. latest unemployment number is a staggering 9.7%. that has many americans questioning how to keep their heads above water. alisyn: joining us to answer some of your questions is fox business host dave ramsey. hey, dave. >> good morning. alisyn: dave, can we hear you? >> i hope so. brian: that's better. alisyn: let's get to viewer emails. this comes from john from alabama. he says: >> well, college is not necessary in a lot of sales positions and actually sales positions are some of the best paid positions in all of america. and an odd statistics there are more ceos that moved up through the marketing ranks of corporations than any other genre or category. sales is always something you want to. i would be reading books and taking classes from people out there in the sales field and be
7:49 am
shopping around and looking for a great product that you can be really enthused about. it's a huge opportunity because you control your own destiny. steve: absolutely. makes it easier when you are equities sighted. steve from georgia writes in: steve: sounds good to moo, dave. >> sound financial move is the key question here. 64,000 in the southeast versus 75,000 in the highest taxed state in the union, connecticut is not a sound financial move. you are going to come out upside down. your cost of living is substantially different. several web sites you can go to to look up cost of living differences. i wouldn't make that move based on the numbers. steve: look at that you are the smart guy. dave ramsey thank you very much. we will check you out tonight on the fox business network.
7:50 am
thank you, sir. >> thanks, guys. brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. change gears entirely. crystal ren is a plus size model who has graced the cover. her body image struggles almost killed her. her story next that could help you. alisyn: first on this day in 1776. the continental congress adopted the name united states of america for the new nation. steve: and put it on a 747. in 1956 elvis presley sang hound dog on tv debut on the ed sullivan show. brian: why are they zoomed in so tight? ♪ you ain't nothing but a hound dog. . . in 1 step, get a blend of 3 tones. highlights, lowlights, and shine. it makes a fresh, light-filled frame for your pretty face.
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brian: model crystal renn
7:54 am
started out as a young and healthy teenager, but the pressures pushed her to starvation. alisyn: she was nearing death because she weighed 98 pounds. she chose to become healthy again and become her natural size 12. she stareshares her story in her new book. you weighed 98 pounds, even though you are 5'9". were you pressured by the magazine industry? >> i said very high goals for myself. modeling was a way to get out of the small town i was living in. money, and travel, an art was promised to me.
7:55 am
the scout at american "vogue" said i could be giselle. brian: so you quickly said, a lot to lose weight. and you did it the wrong way. >> i did it the wrong way. i did not think i would have an eating disorder right away. at the time, i was willing to risk everything. alisyn: when we look at the pictures of you, you do not look healthy. brian: now looks great. alisyn: the outlook looks great, but the ones of viyou skin and bones. >> i got a lot of feedback. however, i never got the jobs that i wanted.
7:56 am
i never got the covers of "vogue" and "harper's bazaar." bid was only when i gained weight and became comfortable with myself that those things happened. brian: also, if you had a bad attitude. you were malnourished. >> completely. i was so does thathe attached. brian: you wrote this book to talk about your trier, and how to help others. how do they learn from you? >> it is completely normal. when you were a teenager, your disfiguring out the world. -- you are just figuring out the world. focus on the positives. do not focus on the negatives. focus on the great things like having a great hair day.
7:57 am
take your mind off your flaws as are focusing on the positives. alisyn: it is so tough for teenage girls who are inundated with all the images from magazines and from movies of skinny models. something interesting happened in "glamour" magazine. this plus size model appeared nude. everybody was astounded. you can see a bit of a belly roll. this is the type of thing that magazine's should do more of. >> everyone can relate to that. i would like to see a variety of women in magazines. brian: great. crystal renn, i agree. the book is called "hungry."
7:58 am
thank you. straight ahead, republican congressman enccantor. alisyn: and the earmark king. we are tracking your taxes and revealing who is spending your hard earned cash. .. and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music)
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute alisyn: good morning, everyone. president obama making his big push for health-care tonight. will he mentioned the trigger option? we will explore. steve: this man was told at the gate he was too fat to fly after he had already traveled one way. is this discrimination?
8:02 am
you will hear his story and you will decide. brian: lap of larceny. this morning, a tour of bernie madoff's palm beach mansion. >> it is "fox & friends." steve: welcome aboard. we have a lot to talk about with health-care. alisyn: in your headlines, the un says it is now convincing evidence of fraud in the afghan presidential election and is ordering recounts in three provinces. president karzai currently has
8:03 am
54% of the vote. general mcchrystal banning the sale of alcohol at nato headquarters in kabul. this after he had trouble getting in touch with some of his staff after the airstrike in kunduz last friday. the older adult accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard and tb her captive for 18 years. officials have been looking for evidence to connect him to other murders in the area. justice of thesotomayor will hae her first oral argument today. the united nations general assembly meets last week and iranian president ahmadinejad will be one of the world leaders
8:04 am
in new york. a group called united against nuclear iran believes he will be studying at the intercontinental hotel. the group's president thinks they should toss him out. he joined us earlier on "fox & friends." >> those businesses provide a less support of an economy. if we can change the behavior of some of those businesses, we can maybe alter the course of the regime's path to nuclear weapons. alisyn: he says any business that does this turns a blind eye to human-rights violations. steve: scattered thunderstorms across the central plains and northern plains. also, scattered showers throughout portions of the northeast right up through portions of new england.
8:05 am
as you can say, in the rockies, we have some forties and fifties. as along the gulf coast. later today it will get warm. 68 degrees in maine. 96 today in the metro parts of dallas. alisyn: gadget lovers, listen up. apple is almost a media event today, likely to launch new products. some are speculating that the snake peak will include ipods with cameras and a new version of itunes. steve jobs is rumored to be giving the keynote address. brian: all eyes are on the president tonight as he gets his big speech on health care of. joining us now from the white
8:06 am
house is mike emanuel. we heard from robert gibbs a short time a while ago. what should we expect to hear tonight? >> we are hearing that the speech will be specific. it will be bold. the question is the timetable. here's what the president had to say a short time ago. >> the intent of the speech is to make sure the american people are clear exactly what it is that we are proposing, to make sure that democrats and republicans understand that i am open to more ideas, that we are not being rigid and ideological about this thing, but we do intend to get something done this year. >> the white house is telling democrats in the house and the senate that there would like to get a bill done by mid october. steve: it does sound like the white house is still struggling with the government run health care, or the public option, and
8:07 am
whether that is even possible at this point in the legislative process. >> you are right. the white house has been getting hammered from the left by speaker nancy pelosi. she says she does not have the votes if there's not a public option in the bill. a lot of people think the senate does not have the votes for the public option. it will be a fine line for the president to walk tonight. the stakes are extremely high. even the white house admitted that the stakes are high. the question is how much he will move people after he has spoken so much about health care reform in the past couple of months. steve: mike mandel at the white house. -- like emanuel at the white house. the big question is whether or not people have heard so much that their eyes will gloss over. we have congressman eric cantor
8:08 am
, the house minority whip. good morning. we just have robert gibbs on. said we will hear a lot about the government run public option tonight. that is extraordinary because there are a number of people in the president's own party who think that is radioactive. >> that is the box said the president is in, and nancy pelosi, and the party is in right now. it is time for specifics. it is time for this president to stop any suggestion of the fact that he is not listening to the american people. we have heard over the last several weeks that the american people are fearful that a public option will turn into a government replacement of the system we have. that is what people are really waiting to hear tonight. alisyn: it sounds like that government-run public option is really the sticking point. it sounds as though two
8:09 am
senators have come up with what they think will be a silver bullet, and that is the trigger plan. let us play for you how robert gibbs explained the trigger option. >> as i understand it, the trigger that is proposed is that if certain reforms are not met in a region of the country, if the region of the country is dominated by one health-care provider, that would trigger a public option. alisyn: what do you think? >> the devil is in the details when you start talking about things like the trigger. it is all about whether we are going to hear the president say that washington knows the kind of health care that americans deserve, and washington is going
8:10 am
to take control of the decision making as far as the design of those programs. if that is the route to their going to proceed, then the public will realize that their fears are real, that there is going to be not only a public option, but even with a trigger construct like that, there will be a replacement of the health- care system that most americans have and like. brian: we just heard from robert gibbs. where are the republican ideas? mitch mcconnell said the status quo is unacceptable. throw out a few ideas. >> this idea that the republicans do not have any proposals is just untrue. we have always said we agree with the fact that we have to do something to avoid a situation where individuals with pre- existing conditions cannot get health care. we agree on that. let's start there. we also agree on the fact that
8:11 am
if you lose your job, you should not necessarily lose your health care. you have got to be able to take a health-care with you. those are things that we can begin on. i would like to hear the president start to talk about some of the things that we agree on, rather than the things that we disagree on. there are lots of common sense things that we can get accomplished together. steve: there's a story out from abc that said yesterday when harry reid and nancy pelosi met with the president, the keyword was urgency. apparently the president told them that it is important for them to pass health care reform bills soon. do you think that the reason the white house says we have to do this test is because public support for his plans is
8:12 am
absolutely trade? >> there's no question that public support is cratering. don't you think the american people would rather see it done right then done soon? that is the essence of the message we have heard from the american view will over the last month. this plan has some of this connected with the where most people are in the country could most people do not accept the status quo. i do not think anybody in washington except the status quo. let's do real reform, not rush it through. every time washington and congress rushes something through, it messes it up even further. look at the stimulus bill. that is case in point right there. brian: we will leave it there. what does the president need to say tonight? congressman eric cantor will answer the question and a few more. the same airline he flew one way on told him he was too fat to
8:13 am
fly the other way. alisyn: he put down the baseball bat and picked up a guitar. bernie williams will perform right here on "fox & friends." steve: he is on deck. ♪ [ woman ] dear cat. gentle cat. your hair mixes with pollen and dust in the air. i get congested. my eyes itch. i have to banish you to the garden. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. i can breathe freer with zyrtec-d®. so, i'll race you to our favorite chair. i might even let you win. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe easier,
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8:16 am
celebrate the moment. brian: this is a fox news alert. airforce one of waiting the president to board. he is headed to new york where you will be speaking at a tribute to legendary anchorman walter cronkite. from there he will head back to
8:17 am
washington to prepare for the big health-care speech tonight. the joint session of congress will be in attendance. we are back with congressman eric cantor, the house minority whip. i know where you stand. you have made it clear. you have been kind of the point person amongst the republicans, along with the mitch mcconnell, on this. what are you hoping to hear tonight? >> i hope to hear that we really can work together, that we are going to set aside this notion that somehow we need a government public option. i do believe that it would lead to a replacement of a system of health care that people have and most people like. if we set that aside and say there are some things we can do to work together, the pre- existing condition issue, the issue of portability -- let's
8:18 am
start there. let's get the lawyers out of the examining room. that is a no-brainer. somehow the president has backed off of that issue. i believe that could bring cost savings to the table. what we have going on right now is the speaker of the house has said that we are going to have a public option in the house plan. if that is the case, republicans are not going along with that. brian: majority leader steny hoyer says if there is not a public option, he could still vote for it. that shows a crack in the hierarchy. if they give in on that, what will you give in on? >> we need to stand up in principle and say, americans liked the fact that day make -- they make the choices with their
8:19 am
doctor as far as health care is concerned. if we can start with that premise, and start with the premise that we do not believe we should spend over $1 trillion and add to the deficit and put this country on the brink of bankruptcy. if we could start with those basic prerequisites, i believe we can work together on some of these things. brian: you're overstating it. the new plan under senator max baucus is $900 billion. congressman eric cantor, i look forward to hearing from you after the speech. thank you. next, video just released this morning of bernie madoff's palm beach mansion. it could be yours. we will take a tour. and then, he was kicked off a flight and told the was too fat to fly after he flew one light on that same airline. that demand joins us after the break.
8:20 am
8:21 am
come on. [ kissing ] come on. good girl. mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it.
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8:23 am
alisyn: listen to this story. this man was kicked off a flight. he was told he was too fat to fly. this is after he flew one day on the same airline days earlier. steve: he joins us now from chicago. good morning. >> thank you for having us on. steve: you flew out on southwest from chicago to las vegas. when you were headed back home, you were about to board and one of the gate agents says what do you? >> i got my boarding pass and i went down the tunnel. she was the only one there.
8:24 am
she came after me and stopped me. she said, can you sit in an airplane seat with the state arms down. i said, yes, i can. she said, you're not flying today. alisyn: what possessed her to say that? >> i have no idea. i have no idea why she asked me that question did i thought she was going to say go ahead and get on the plane. instead, she said was not flying today. steve: here is what southwest airlines said. they have a statement. they said they offered to the opportunity to buy an extra seat. they say you were arguing in an elevated voice.
8:25 am
at least four passengers said they were not comfortable flying with you. >> there was no offer of any seat. when they said i was not flying today -- when i came out of the tunnel, she said i am calling my supervisor. we went over to the side and waited for the supervisor. the supervisor walked over and said, you are not fly in on this poinlane today. alisyn: a few days earlier, you did fly on southwest to get to las vegas. how did you get home? >> our luggage was gone. our medication was in the
8:26 am
luggage. wthey said we would have to fend for ourselves. a man took us to ticketing and we went to united. united was able to give us two tickets. related two hours -- we waited two hours and flew home with no problems. steve: claire, you were there for all of it. southwest says the they offered him the opportunity to buy two tickets. should he have bought the two tickets? >> he was in such a state of confusion at that point, he did not want to fly with them at all unless they were going to fly us on the original tickets. >> there was no offer of any tickets.
8:27 am
steve: i understand your point of view. southwest now says that they did offer that. >> they have changed their story three or four times over the. alisyn: what do you want now? what are you hoping to get from southwest now? >> i would like for our monies to be reimbursed. like this never to happen to a senior or to anybody again. if they have a policy, i would like them to have a written policy and to follow that policy. so that everybody knows what the rules are. steve: absolutely. thank you very much for joining us today from chicago. alisyn: thank you. he flew home on united in a single seat.
8:28 am
steve: straight ahead, the earmark king. we are tracking your hard earned tax dollars. alisyn: sitting in the lap of larceny. brand new videos inside bernie madoff's palm beach mansion. steve: also, the former yankees slugger bernie williams performing live on "fox & friends." ♪
8:29 am
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8:32 am
priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. brian: this is a fox news alert. the president of the united states headed for air force one. he will attend a special memorial service for legendary anchorman walter cronkite. hundred who gathered to pay tribute. former president clinton will also attend. both are expected to speak. buzz aldrin will also be speaking. steve: the president has a busy day. he will apply to new york city and then back to washington, d.c. tonight at 8:00 p.m., he will deliver a joint session of
8:33 am
congress statement talking about health care. alisyn: in the next 21 days, congress will spend more than $3 trillion of your hard-earned tax money. tracking your taxes is about showing where your money is going and who exactly is spending it. steve: william la jeunesse has been crunching the numbers. good morning to you. >> congress treats us like an atm. there are some people on capitol hill that cannot spend your money fast enough. i want you to meet one of them, senator daniel inouye. $12 million to monitor sea turtles. by million dollars -- $5
8:34 am
million for a supercomputer that will study things exclusive to hawaii. $24 million for a private international think-tank that even the president wants to cut. and $500,000 for music enrichment programs for native hawaiian students. he is one of the last in a generation. they thought it was their job to bring home the pork. as they have the senate appropriations committee has the power to do that. in the next hour, we will look at the top republican. he wants to spend $2.6 billion of your money it all by himself. back to you. alisyn: that is quite an accomplishment. thank you. you know who could have single-
8:35 am
handedly paid for all the sea turtles? bernie madoff. brian: yes, there he is going into jail. what did he leave behind? for that, let's go to the realtor/marshall. give us an idea of what bernie madoff has for sale in palm beach, fla. >> long hallway leading to the back living room. you will see 3 atrium courtyard with french doors off to either side. the office, and a number of bedrooms. steve: lifestyles of the rich and famous. the palm beach house is about 6500 square feet, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms. it has a swimming pool, and a boat dock. the federal marshals have put
8:36 am
together these little videos to show folks exactly what they could buy. that place has an estimated value of $5.5 million to $9 million. they would be lucky to get as much as they possibly could. meanwhile, his penthouse in new york city is also on the block. here's a little tour. >> a lot of his closet space was custom-made with cedar. he was very meticulous in his cataloguing of his clothing and personal items. these are drawers for his shirts. they're all custom made. everything was monogrammed with blm on it.
8:37 am
alisyn: is fascinating. the u.s. marshals just released these videos this morning. also, he had a yacht called "bull." >> it has three bedrooms, two bathrooms. each bedroom has twin bunk beds. this boat will accommodate at least six people. steve: i will take it. will they take bad checks? if you had all the money in the world, that is why you would have. brian: if you had all of other people's money. steve: fox news has now learned it was british commandos who
8:38 am
freed a british "the new york times" reporter, stephen farrell. he was kidnapped four days ago in northern afghanistan. his translator and a civilian were killed during the rescue. he says he was freed by commandos during the raid, but his and temperature were shot dead -- but his entered the juror was shot dead. brian: the trial of the hall high-school football coach. some players said yesterday that the coach denied to them water. gilpin's father also took the stand. the coach says he was just trying to motivate the players who were slacking off. alisyn: sarah palin is speaking out in "the wall street
8:39 am
journal" today. she said the health-care plan would give the government life and death the rationing powers. she says -- steve: and starting today, the beatles new video game is available nationwide. it will cost you $60. the game gives you a chance to become one of the fab four. the beatles remastered music catalog is also on sale today. it is expected to sell millions and millions of copies. in the new york city area, tennis. brian: let's go out to queens
8:40 am
where it happened. nadal is coming off an injury and he pulled an abdominal muscle. nadal lost the first set, but he won the rest. on the women's side, serena williams wins in straight sets. in football, michael vck spoke to high-school students and warned against the dangers of peer pressure. >> there are times in life when you have to go the right way. i did not choose to go the right way. that led to 18 months in prison, which was the toughest time in
8:41 am
my life. brian: and fresh out of prison, vick will play with the eagles on september 27 after a couple of weeks off. we're very proud to have raci hel with us. you are from the university of missouri at a hooters calendar girl. what is wednesday at hooters? what does it mean to you? >> every wednesday is wings day at hooters. brian: steve looks hungry. what can we do to win something at hooters? >> this is exciting. you can go to
8:42 am
and we're giving away five $50 gift cards every wednesday. brian: what do you want to do in the long term? >> i hope to take your job. just kidding. brian: really? >> i just graduated with a mathematics degree. brian: fantastic. i was a waiter, too. i imagine your tips are better. >> the ball is yours. alisyn: thank you. nice toss. i will handle this one, steve. president obama is making his big health-care push before congress tonight. peter johnson, jr. gives us a
8:43 am
preview with his prescription for truth. and the yankees great bernie williams will play for us live today on "fox & friends." ♪ [ moos ] [ man announcing ] if you think about it, this is what makes theladders different from other job search sites. we only want the big jobs. welcome to theladders. a premium job site for only $100k+ jobs and only $100k+ talent.
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steve: president obama wants health care reform, but so far, the president has not said anything concrete. tonight he will address congress. let's get a presidential preview from peter johnson, jr. >> good morning. as we leave up to the speech tonight, are you sick of hearing about what the speech means to the president's future? i am. we can only hope and pray that the president has spent more time thinking about what it means for our future as it does his own political fortunes. if he has, this is what we
8:47 am
should expect tonight. instead of the usual attack on insurance companies and political opponents, and a program of change, welcome to not only by some, but by most americans. we should expect that the president invoking the memory of teddy kennedy also invokes the inspiring example of millions of you, a coolly patriotic americans who have spoken out against the recent reform plans. you have proven that the town hall is a board they complement to the american congress. tanabe will witness a president who seeks to balance his own personal desire through transformative change against the will of the people. -- tonight we will witness the president to six to balance his own personal desire through transformative change against the will of the people. will he be able to sacrifice a movement of change for the sake of change for the common good,
8:48 am
for all of us? i believe with four simple words, the president can win. portability, elimination of pre- existing conditions, and coverage for all of us when we are at our sickest -- the words are, "i hear you, america." it has been a long, hot summer, mr. president. throughout august, american spoke out. tonight americans anxiously await the words of our young leader who will only prove to be a great communicator if he can prove his was need skills -- if he can prove his listening skills, first.
8:49 am
and the school children to use it to inspire and the parents like me who rely on your leadership -- if you take america by the end, america will block with you. if you force a public option by exercising a nuclear option, that is to lose the confidence of the american nation. steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. will be live right here on the fox news channel in 11 hours and 10 minutes from now. straight ahead, the yankees' great bernie williams will play some tunes off his brand new album. did you know he is a classically trained musician? that is right. just like megyn kelly. megyn: coming up, is the white house still committed to a bipartisan health care reform bill? the white house messenger on
8:50 am
health care, linda douglass, will join us. can the democrats ram this through? we are joined by a top republican who has some thoughts on that. she went on a brighter contest entrant hours of water -- gallons of water to win a prize. within hours, she would be dead. kelly's court plays to the tapes. . luke: moving my mind and my hands at world record speed. i'm luke myers. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music) geatmagi reen f a.. coatofigf poulida..
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alisyn: yankees legend, bernie williams, turning in his bold for gloves and a gold record. >> he just released his second album. has a single on the jazz charts, which is not easy, like the other forms of music. welcome, bernie williams. [applause]
8:54 am
>> it was tough, but we got it done. right after i retired, about two years, the opportunity came from the record company to sign me to a record deal. we will -- we were able to put some music together. brian: did not make the cut in las vegas? >> but we can still keep the beat. alisyn: let's hear your song, "moving forward." we will talk to you after. ♪ ♪
8:55 am
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